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Full Mouth Dental Implants

If you are going through substantial tooth loss, which needs to have replacement teeth – you should go for full-mouth implants.

What are full mouth implants?

The full mouth implants are for those people who have a lot of missing teeth. For instance, if you have some infection or tooth decay that has resulted in the loss of all lower or upper teeth – you should get full mouth implants. You will get new teeth that look and function like the real teeth.

The missing teeth of upper & Lower jaw can be replaced with hybrid prosthesis or ceramic permanent teeth on implants in 3 days with new generation immediate loadable, single piece implants.With the help of pterygoid implant cantilevers are avoided.

As such we easily give 14 teeth by providing second molars also. Depending on the quality and quantity of bone we place 8 - 10 implants to give a full set of 14 teeth. By doing so, 2nd molars are also replaced, which help in very efficient and natural chewing pattern. In our time tested technique of Teeth in 3 Days no bone augmentation or bone grafting is needed.