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Best Option Save your natural teeth.

Why get root canal?

Oral infections mostly occur when either the nerve or the pulp of the tooth damaged. The damages result in bacteria, which multiplies quickly and can result in a tooth infection or pus-filled pockets around the tooth. Once the pus spreads to the root, infection is caused. The infection can result in swelling, draining or even bone loss. Therefore, it is important to get root canal treatment and protect yourself.

How root canal is done?

The process can be completed in a single day, sometimes It requires multiple visits with the dentists or the endodontist. Dr.Ashwini is a specialized Endodontist who perform the procedures readily to give perseverance to the tooth.

Step 1:
Before recom5mending the root canal treatment, the specialist will first take X-Ray of your teeth. It will help him/her in seeing the area under the rot. The specialist will decide whether root canal is the best solution in this case or not.

Step 2:
By using local anaesthesia, the specialist will numb the surrounding area. To absorb the saliva, rubber dam may be placed around the affected tooth.

Step 3:
A hole will be drilled into the tooth by the specialist. Infected pulp along with the debris will be removed via root canal soles. Till all the infected pulp is take out, each of the file will be shoved down the drill hole. To flush out the debris, sodium hydrochloride is used.

Step 4:
The tooth will be sealed by the specialist once all debris is taken out. If there is infection, the endodontist will wait until it is healed and then seal the tooth. In such a case, a filling will be placed on top so that they hole can be covered.

Step 5:
Gutta percha, which is the root canal filling material will be filled into the root canal. The root canal will be sealed. A crown is usually placed on the tooth to protect.